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Q: What does Low-E stand for?

A: The term Low-E stands for Low Emissivity Coating. The coating is sealed inside the glass unit. In the summer it reduces the amount of direct heat that enters through the glass keeping it cooler. In the winter it keeps more heat inside by reducing the amount escaping through the glass

It not only makes a home more comfortable, but also reduces utility costs. For more information on Energy Saving Glass and Windows call Empire Supply at 314-645-2633.


Q: I have fogged glass, with moisture and water in my window, do I need a new window?

A: No, you can simply replace the glass. This damage to the glass is called “Seal Failure”. This happens when moisture enters the air space between the panes of glass. Please call Empire Supply at 314-645-2633 for a free phone quote.


Q: Can I apply a window tint film to my window glass?

A: By adding window film to Insulated Glass you will void warranty. Applying window film can cause excessive heat to the Insulated Glass causing the unit to prematurely fail. Call Empire Supply for Tinted and Low-E Insulated Glass at 314-645-2633


Q: Do I need Replacement or New Construction type windows?

A: Replacement windows are used to replace existing windows. They are replaced from the inside as not to disturb the existing exterior siding, brick or other permanent covering. New Construction windows are used if building an addition or a new home. They are replaced from

the outside, then exterior siding, brick or other permanent covering is placed. Call Empire Supply today and we can help decide which one to choose.

For all your Window needs call 314-645-2633.


Q: My building requires Commercial quality windows that need to be replaced, will I get any additional energy efficiency by replacing them?

A: New advances in Commercial Aluminum Windows have taken great strides over their predecessors made in earlier years. Newer aluminum windows with innovative thermal break technology have substantially improved their energy efficiency. For a free phone quote on your new Commercial Windows please call Empire Supply at 314-645-2633.


Q: What is the difference between Vinyl and Aluminum windows?

A: Vinyl Windows make up about 73% of the market, durable, energy efficient and virtually maintenance free. Add to that a broad range of styles, sizes, shapes and colors it is a cost effective solution. Aluminum Windows are known for strong long lasting overall strength, durability, narrow sight lines that yields maximum view. With improved high performance Thermal Break frames providing the energy efficiency required. Call Empire Supply for your Vinyl Window and Aluminum Window needs, at 314-645-2633.


Q: We like the charm of our 70 year old existing wood windows, how can we achieve more energy efficiency without replacing them?

A: By using high quality Storm Windows you can preserve your homes existing wood windows while reducing energy costs and outside noise. At the same time enhancing your home without sacrificing its architectural design. For a free phone quote for Storm Windows, call Empire Supply at 314-645-2633.


Q: I need mirror, glass shelves and table top glass and can’t find the sizes needed.

A: We provide glass and mirror for all sizes. Edges chose are influenced by its use and application. “Clean Cut Edge” is standard sharp edge of cut glass. In this application it is used when put into a frame. “Seamed Edge” is a sanded edge; it removes the sharpness for safe handling. In this application it used where edges are not visible but glass needs to be removed periodically for cleaning. “Polished Edge” is a finished high gloss edge, ready to be used directly on wall, as shelves or as furniture/ table tops. For all of your Glass & Mirror needs, call Empire Supply today at 314-645-2633 for a free phone quote.


Q: What kind of glass is needed for doors?

A: Tempered or Laminated safety type glass would be used, which is a code requirement. Tempered glass breaks into small pebbles rather than large dangerous shards that could cause injuries. Laminated glass is two panes bonded together with interlayer of plastic film, when broken the glass is held together by the film. We offer a variety of Tempered and Laminated Glass, Cut to Size. For all your glass needs call Empire Supply today at 314-645-2633.


Q: How often should residential windows be replaced?

A: Homeowners with windows over 25 years should consider replacing them. New energy efficient replacement windows add comfort and help reduce maintenance and utility costs, while adding to curb appeal . We offer a variety of windows to suite every need. For all your window needs call Empire Supply at 314-645-2633.


Q: Can I install new Replacement Windows? How easy are they to install? I have fear of heights.

A: Windows are extremely easy to replace and even the most novice “Do It Yourselfer” can do. Replacement windows are installed from inside the house which eliminates issues with heights. For all of your Residential Windows & Commercial Window needs call Empire Supply at 314-645-2633

We offer all types of windows at Low, Low Prices.


Q: What type of glass would I use for bathroom windows?

A: Obscure Glass reduces visibility while allowing natural light to come though. Using Obscure Glass is a great way to keep privacy, in a cost effective way. For more information of styles of Privacy Glass, call Empire Supply at 314-645-2633.


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