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At Empire Supply Co. we offer an extensive selection of Glass and Mirror for your home.

From glass for windows and doors to glass for furniture/table tops and shelves, our staff

is ready to provide you with superior service from a company you have trusted for over

80 years.

DOUBLE PANE INSULATED UNIT- (commonly referred to as a IGU and Thermal Pane) Two panes of glass separated by a spacer bar and hermetically sealed to form a single unit.

"Double Pane Insulated Unit" technology has come a long way since first introduced in 1945 by PPG Industries called the "TWINDOW". Today, units are used widely for windows and doors for energy efficiency. When the unit fogs or gets broken, you don't have to replace the entire window, just the sealed glass unit.

Types of Glass

Glass for Tabletop, Cabinet Doors, and Shelves

TINTED GLASS - Shading of color used to control intense sunlight and block heat.

This process is produced by small additions of metal oxides. These small additions color the glass bronze, grey, blue or green. The color is homogeneous throughout the thickness.

LOW-E GLASS - Energy efficient glass with reflective coating that will save a homeowner on

heating and cooling keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in winter. Low-E coatings are engineered to block the solar heat gain in the summer to help lower air conditioning bills and trap heat in the winter so furnaces run less often. A variety of Low-E coatings have been developed to minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light.

TEMPERED GLASS - (Safety Glass) Heat treated glass which shatters into pebbled-size pieces.

It's manufactured through a process of extreme heating and rapid cooling. If broken it shatters into small pebble-size pieces, this eliminates the danger of sharp edges. It is four times stronger than standard glass and can endure temperatures of 400 degrees.

LAMINATED GLASS -  (Safety Glass) Two panes of glass bonded together with a interlayer of plastic film. In the event of breakage, glass is held together by the interlayer of film.

It is normally used when there is a possibility where the glass could fall if shattered, as in skylights. It is available in clear, white, grey tint or bronze tint.

OBSCURE GLASS - Glass that distorts and obscures visibility for privacy.

It has a pattern embedded into the surface. The pattern diffuses the detail of objects viewed.

It allows maximum light in while maintaining privacy.

MIRROR - Glass coated on one surface with silvering to reflect images on opposite surface.

From the earliest recorded history, humans have been fascinated by reflections. Mirror has advanced from polished metal surfaces to today's modern wall and bathroom mirrors.

Mirrors are perfect for creating a sense of depth and dimension to a small room.

Insulated Glass Composition Double Pane Glass

Residential Glass

Serving St. Louis, St. Louis County, Metro East and St. Charles

Quality Glass and Mirror at Low, Low Prices

LOW IRON GLASS - Extra clear, high light transmission, green cast inherit to other glass not present. All clear glass contains some iron particles, which gives a slight green hue. It is produced through a scientific process in which 80% of the iron particle agents are removed. It provides excellent clarity and eliminates the green hue.

  • Window / Plate

  • Double-Pane Insulated

  • Triple-Pane Insulated

  • Low-E

  • Tempered

  • Low Iron

  • Laminated

  • Mirror

  • Obscure

  • Tinted

  • Reflective

  • Internal Colonial Grids

Glass Options

Glass Applications

  • Window Replacement Glass

  • Door Replacement Glass

  • Cabinet Door Glass

  • Table Top Glass

  • Glass Shelves

  • Desktop Glass

  • Bathroom Mirrors

  • Wall Mirrors

  • Custom Mirrors

  • Shower / Tub Glass

  • Glass Backsplash

About Us

Empire Supply Co. was established in 1931 and committed to provide the St. Louis area with a highest quality products, with the highest level of customer service, with incredibly low prices. Over 80 years later Empire Supply Co. continues as a family owned and operated, 3rd generation company with the same commitment. Call us for a quote or guidance about any glass project or application and our professional team will be there to advise you every step of the way.

Our Products

Empire Supply is able to provide virtually any size and type of flat glass. Whatever you could possibly need in the world of glass, we're the ones to call. We have glass to suit any residential application.


PPG Industries - Founded in 1883 as America's first successful glass manufacturer. Amid a growing emphasis on energy savings and sustainable building, PPG remains more dedicated to those ideas that ever. Current PPG brands such as Solarban and Sungate are among the most environmentally advanced residential glass products in the world. PPG's vision is to be the world's leading company by consistently delivering high quality, innovative and sustainable solutions that customers trust to protect and beautify their surroundings.

AGC North America - AGC offers one of the industries broadest product lines for residential applications. Innovative solutions from AGC can be found in residential windows, entrance doors, patio doors, skylights, shower and bathtub enclosures, shelving and cabinet doors. In addition to offering beautiful and clear patterned solutions, AGC can apply the industries most advanced Low-E coatings to provide year round energy performance for every region of North America based on Energy Star guidelines.

Guardian Industries - Guardian Industries began in 1932, is today a diversified global manufacturing company. With hundreds of new patents, scores of fresh products, Guardian is poised to meet the challenges of the coming decades. Their products and systems grace homes and construction projects all over the world. Guardian is committed to efficient use of natural resources while operating in a way that protects the safety of the environment and the community.

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